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Pioneer of a Revolutionary New Art Form

Come See what I see      All of his life, Kendall Davenport has lived near the entrance of Teton and Yellowstone National Parks where he enjoys hiking, motorcycling, and canoeing, on all the back trails and streams. He shares the excitement of exploring these areas with inspiring paintings, interesting stories, and descriptions. Born into a family of poets, writers, and musicians, his French-English heritage gives him passion, sensitivity, and a flair for perfectionism. Kendall began enlarging photographs by himself at the age of nine. While receiving his fine arts and graphics education at Ricks College in Rexburg, Idaho, Kendall was honored with the Presidential Award for Best Art.

     After four years of art school, he had in his mind and heart a desire to paint nature in its wonderful real detail. He tried traditional mediums but couldn't create all that he wanted to express. He felt that possibly there could be a way with a new painting medium that would involved the use of Adobe Photoshop. He spent three years of intense struggle to find a way to get beyond (the textbook techniques of Adobe Photoshop) to create and develop his own fine art painting tools that are far beyond Photoshop's original purpose. With these tools it became possible for him to paint beautiful paintings of nature with incredible detail and feelings, using the fine art principles of the masters with the technology of today.

     In describing his painting work he says, "I am in a computer at the canvas, that canvas is as real as any out here. The tools are real but they are not a brush and a palette of oils. My palette is parts of this program. I can get textures, light and dark, and as many other feelings as I want, and put them in these paintings."

     It took considerable effort to find a way to get these paintings produced in a tangible form. After much research he found out about the Iris Giclee printer that had a wide enough color gamut to produce all the colors he had painted. Bringing the paintings to life was not as simple as clicking on a printer icon. It took extensive proofing for days. It finally worked! Kendall said, "When I saw the finished painting the hair on my neck stood on end, and I shouted, 'I did it!, I did it!'"

     Kendall said, " I want people to feel like they're standing right at that place, and then I want them to feel the peace, the healing, the renewal, the assurance, the hope that nature has in it." He has ccomplished his dream and great desire to share nature with others in an inspiring way.

     His paintings have been in Galleries from Jackson Hole Wyoming to Southern California. His paintings hang in homes and offices all over the country, and as far away as Madrid, Spain. He has a Gallery Studio from which his art is marketed. People can go on line and learn about him and his new fine art form with a beautiful catalog of his paintings.

     A brand new art form has been born, a revolutionary new art form, the art of the future, imagined reality painted in detail. Kendall Davenport is the pioneer of this new fine art medium, "Giclee Painting on Canvas"

     His paintings can bring you into a new realm, an exciting new place to be.

Revolutionary New Art Form

Masterful detailed paintings with emotion and experience behind them

An innovative artist.
     Kendall Davenport has dedicated years of thought and skill to create a revolutionary new art form that he has pioneered. This new art form uses nearly all of the oil, watercolor, and acrylic techniques at once.
Fresh Morning Sun on Antelope Flats
"Fresh Morning Sun On Antelope Flats"
"Inspired by 25 minutes of dawn by the Teton mountains and three places."
Misty Solitude
"Misty Solitude"
"Inspired by Lower Mesa Falls in eastern Idaho and some deer I liked."
     Since the beginning of art, artists have tried to paint more clearly and exactly what they have in their hearts and minds. Kendall has found a way to combine the traditions of the fine art masters with new technology to create and pioneer a revolutionary new exciting art form. Now it is possible for him to put what is in his imagination and what he feels more clear and exact on canvas than any other art form from the past would allow. Kendall has been defining the parameters of this new art form since 1995 when it became possible for him to paint this way. This new way to paint is a window into the art of the future, where real nature can be painted on canvas.

New Painting Medium - Art Of The Future

How I Paint

Palette: liquid bush, sky, wood, leaves, water, stone, etc.
Technique: combination of oil, water colour, and acrylic painting techniques, with some sculpting, pencil, and air brush techniques.
Process: thumbnails, sketches, natural color elements, glazes, blending, washes, masking, values, perspective, pigments, and more.
Paintings take months or years to complete including composition and all principles and elements of design that master painters use.
Kendall has complete control over every aspect of the painting.

New Painting Medium - Allows More Freedom To Express Emotions
     A painting medium is not just pigments on canvas. In order to understand the whole broader meaning of the new medium Kendall is using you will need to open your mind and imagine something more than you already know. The simple label for Kendall's new medium, which is similar to the label "oil painting on canvas", is "Giclee painting on canvas" In this new painting medium the actual physical materials are canvas and a water base pigment with agents for longevity, and color gamut.      Giclee painting on canvas is a new exciting way to actually paint, not just a way to copy paintings or photographs on canvas. Kendall's medium involves a complex process from the beginning to the final result.
     This new painting medium has many ingredients which intermingle through the whole process. Each redefines the other. The over-lying ingredient is fine art painting with fine art principles, elements, and spirit. Another ingredient is the use of specialized liquid photo
references, not as the camera sees the reference, but as the painting needs the reference. This painting material is obtained from a palette which includes, among other things, photographs mingled with color elements and brush strokes in the digitized environment of the computer. In this environment he can paint his feelings and imagination with liquid details. He also has complete control of every element of the painting.      Each element is painted using deliberate choices and actions to complete the spirit of the painting. The final ingredient is the Giclee process of rendering the painting on canvas. The use of all of these ingredients, together, make up a new painting medium to get pigments on a canvas that represents the artist's heart.
     This is not a fast process of painting, it is a complex process, most of Kendall's paintings have taken about a year to paint, one of them took four years to paint.

How I Paint

New Painting Medium - Feeling Of Walking Right Into The Painting
     These paintings have more detail and clarity, more realistic natural color, an immense scope of view (what is at your left, right, at your feet, and in the sky), a sense of real virtual reality presence, more artistic composition, and a full range from shadow to bright elements (you can see detail in shadows and in the bright sky as you would be able to see in real nature). Because of these elements, these paintings capture the overwhelmingly inspiring first presence, or gasp factor, of the magnificent grandeur of nature which cannot be as realistically achieved by either traditional painting or photography. The vibrant colors and minute details excite all the senses. The reaction of most people who see Kendall's paintings is that they feel they could walk right into the painting.

Spend time looking, you will find the spirit of an artist and the mountain west.
Sudden Delight, Spectacular View

"Sudden Delight, Spectacular View"
"Inspired by a day's hike. Three places I saw while hiking up the face of Table Mountain, then right across the canyon from the Grand Teton Peaks."
Hidden Adventure Behind The Mist
"Hidden Adventure Behind The Mist"
"Inspired by many years of visits to a cave on the Fall River in Yellowstone Park. I used four years of sketches to paint this painting"
Each painting has a wide range of emotional feelings that come from Kendall's life time of experiences, exploring and loving the mountain west. Most of these paintings are inspired by and represent more than one place and time.
"These paintings are detailed creations from my imagination. They illustrate the feelings and emotions as poetry that I felt and want to share. This new art form allows painting with real nature colors and real textures. They take you to the beautiful places that exist mostly in my mind and heart and you can have the magical feeling of walking into real nature."
Playful Painter Sun, Gold-mist Palette
"Playful Painter Sun, Gold-mist Palette"
"Inspired by a few minutes of magic by Jackson Lake. The green-gold color comes from observing years of sunsets in the forest."

Cast In Right Here
"Cast In Right Here"
"Inspired by two waterfalls on Fall River Just Below Yellowstone Park and years of playing in rivers."
"I have discovered, looking back, that I have been extremely emotional and passionate all my life. I have experienced nature a lot and found many good emotions, feelings, or spirits in nature which suggested who we are ("we" meaning the mountains, trees, water, rocks and people together.) I have found emotions such as exploration, peace ( as in a quiet pool), faith, courage, renewal, healing, passion ( as in a waterfall,) power, or a feeling of oneness ( as in a rock). As a boy, I played, swam, floated on and fished in a river and lived with it. Now my painting, "Cast in Right Here," has a slimy rock in it that has the color and texture of rocks in my impressions during that closeness with the river that I have. Many places speak to my heart, and I want to share those feelings with other people when I feel them."

Revolutionary New Art Form


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