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Do you need peace, hope, renewal ?     You will find that in these paintings!
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"Still Rapture"

Still Rapture

These painting have the power to move you to where you want to be

Enjoy exploring the "new art form" Kendall Davenport created
As you stand close to one of Kendall's paintings you feel like you can "walk right in".
It's an exciting magical feeling of walking into real nature.
It feels like you are in another place seeing beauty all around while experiencing hope, renewal, peace, and inspiration.

How I Paint
Kendall's new art form enables him to capture a multitude of feelings, which are not possible with traditional painting methods. Now he is able to bring out the real nature colors, real textures, and make the many subtle feelings, that are in nature, more evident. It makes it possible for him to paint those things in his paintings in a powerful way to bring real nature to the canvas for you to enjoy.

You can walk into Kendall's landscape, "Jenny Lake", where you walk along the gravel beach, throw a rock and watch as it skips across the lake.
Jenny lake

Sudden Delight, Spectacular View
You can walk into the field of fireweed and get closeer to the mountains in "Sudden Delight, Spectacular View"

Along with these feelings you start to have a personal relationship with what is there. You feel the story of your life and memories being mingled in with the story that is being told in the painting.

Select, and bring into your decor, paintings that bring the feelings you want to have around you.
Enjoy this exciting new art form that helps you feel like you are in real nature.

New release:
Eight Friends
"8 Friends"

One of those lay there and dream paintings. A 7 yr old gets lost among the interesting shapes and the 8 animals in the forest.
The earth is a wonderful place to be.

Painting of the wonders of the forest path, odd shapes to remember and explore next visit.

Revolutionary New Art Form


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used without the prior written permission of Kendall Davenport or his authorized personnel.

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    Enjoy the realistic panoramic landscape painting of Kendall Davenport. Here you will find original paintings painted with a new fine art medium.

    These are landscape paintings of the American west, northwest, and south west. You will find paintings of the Teton mountains, Teton and Yellowstone National parks. There are paintings of Bryce Canyon, Zion's National Park, and the ruins of the Ancient Pueblos people.

     See and purchase paintings of rivers, streams, lakes, waterfalls and ponds. Also see paintings of winter, spring, summer, and fall scenes. Have a delightful time seeing paintings of deer, buffalo, elk, an eagle, butterflies, hawks, ducks, swans, and geese. Obtain paintings with blossoms, bees, flowers, forests and wooded areas.

     Go into the Landscape Gallery to view original Giclee paintings,
framed and unframed, limited edition prints available for purchase online.

    Visit the Temple Gallery with beautiful LDS Temple paintings and art,
framed and unframed pictures to see and purchase.

     Check out the fun new sepia temple paintings, for purchase, that go with the latest home decor of many kinds,
including Nostalgia, Classic Modern, Natural, Antique, Victorian,
Edwardian, Linear, Retro, Earth Tones, Eclectic, Vintage.

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What is in the Landscape Gallery?
Evening Gift Painting of Millionair's Pool at Harriman State park, Island Park Idaho
Still Rapture Painting of Millionair's Pool at Harriman State park, Island Park Idaho

Fresh Morning Sun on Antelope Flats Painting of Dawn at Moulton Barn, Teton Peaks, Antelope Flats near Jackson Wyoming
Jenny Lake Peaceful painting of Jenny Lake in Teton National Park with Mount Moran and a rainbow in the lake
Butterfly at Burns Creek Meditative painting creek woods backlit fall colors in forest
Peaceful Morning Reflections (Maroon Bells) Quiet painting of Maroon Bells mountains, forest, and pond near Aspen, Colorado
Upper Mesa Falls Powerful mountain painting Upper Mesa Falls waterfall cliffs forest mist rocks southeast Idaho
New Arrivals (Henry's Fork Snake River) Peaceful Painting of clear, slow mountain river with deer, geese, and Mount Sawtell in background
Henry's Fork Snake River Peaceful Painting of clear, slow mountain river with deer and Mount Sawtell in background
Fantasy Trail Adventure painting mountain forest trail with fall colors, cottonwood, pine
Boise Depot Historic painting of Boise Idaho Depot with gardens and pool
Warm Reflections Moving painting of river, buffalo, hawks, and clear mountain water at Henry's Fork of the Snake River, Island Park Idaho
Cherry Blossoms and Bees Inspirational painting of cherry tree in spring with blossoms and bees
Rugged Mountains, Quiet Snow, Peaceful Cattle Winter snow Grand Tetons from the west cattle fences shed
Grateful Pause, Reluctant Close, Perfect Day Tranquil painting of Colter Bay with boats in evening with Teton mountain range
Playful Painter Sun, Gold-mist Palette Hope painting of Jackson Lake and Mount Moran at Signal Mountain Teton National Park
Cast In Right Here Powerful Painting of waterfalls rapids forest riverbank pine trees
Autumn's Mystery, Hidden Treasure Painting of Aspen, Fall colors, Red Tail Hawks in the Teton Mountain Range
Sudden Delight, Spectacular View Uplifting powerful painting of west side Grand Teton Peaks and Table Mountain with meadow and aspen trees
Anasazi "Repose" Painting of Ancient Puebloan Archaeology at Cliff Palace Dwelling, Mesa Verde, Colorado
Anasazi "Noble Spirit Guardian" Anasazi cliff dweller's "Cliff Palace" at Mesa Verde, Colorado
Hidden Adventure Behind The Mist Adventure painting of Cave Falls on Fall River in Yellowstone National Park
Through Tears of Joy Amazing mystery adventure painting of Weeping Rock cave mountain cliffs Zion National Park, Utah
Glowing Bridge Southwestern painting of Bryce Canyon Natural Bridge Utah
Majestic Gathering Powerful painting of the Great White Throne Zion National Park, Utah
Glorious Inspiration Inspirational painting of Zion National Park Utah Temple of Sinawava
Camas Rapture Exciting painting of forest wild camas flowered meadow elk with young near Mount Sawtell at Island Park, Idaho
Dawn's Hope Dawn's first rays of sunlight, a sky full of hope from the morning sun.
Autumn's Royalty Majestic mountains, Queen Ann's Lace, royal throne.
Misty Solitude Tranquil painting of interesting rock formations, beautiful, lacy, and powerful waterfall, whitetail deer, peaceful solitude.
Delightful Calm Painting inspired by Big Springs and Johhny Sack Cabin in Island Park, Idaho - Henry's Fork of the Snake River.
Splendor Painting Inspired by valley and mountians in Northern Utah. Friendly aspens weaving through the valley and up along the mountain sides. Such an aray of fall colors and splendor. Close connection to my favorite tree, the Aspen.
"Our Beautiful Falls" On a warm summer day, walk along the path by the river and become absorbed in the good pleasant feelings of being near the beautiful falls of Idaho Falls.
"Sun And Shade" Powerful mountain painting inspired by Tetons, Bison, Sagebrush North of Jackson Wyoming.
"Crisp And Still Jenny Lake" A winter coat of snow adds to the adventure and crisp quiet stillness at Jenny Lake. Peaceful excitement.

"Mystique" Painting of waterfall at Palisades Creek Idaho

What is in the Temple Gallery?


(Los Angeles California Temple) "A More Excellent Hope"
(Newport Beach Temple Evening) "Warmth"
(Newport Beach Temple) "Joyful Returning"
(Oakland Temple)
(Redlands California Temple) "Reverent Joy"
(Sacramento California Temple) "Purity"
(San Diego California Temple) "Ascending"


(Denver Temple) "Divine Love"


(Hawaii Temple) "Sacred"


(Boise Temple) "Eternity"
(Idaho Falls Temple, Wide Blue Sunset) "Come Unto Me...And I Will Give You Rest"
(Idaho Falls Temple, Blue Sunset) "Come Unto Me...And I Will Give You Rest"
(Idaho Falls Temple, Wide Gold Sunset) "Come Unto Me...And I Will Give You Rest"
(Idaho Falls Temple, Gold Sunset) "Come Unto Me...And I Will Give You Rest"
(Rexburg Idaho Temple) "A Parable"
(Rexburg Idaho Temple) "Beauty Of Holiness"
(Rexburg Idaho Temple) "Looking Up"
(Twin Talls Idaho Temple) "Living Water"


(Billings Montana Temple) "Dedication"
(Billings Montana Temple) "Glory"
(Billings Montana Temple) "Radiant Holiness"


(Las Vegas Nevada Temple) "Dawning of Brighter Hope"


(Portland Temple) "Portland Gem"
(Portland Temple - Sunset) "Eternal Peace"


(Bountiful Temple) "Bountiful"
(Brigham City Temple) "Blessed"
(Jordan River Temple) "Embrace The Riches Of Eternity"
(Jordan River Temple) "Meditation"
(Logan Temple) "Come Unto Me...And I Will Give You Rest" (Logan Daytime)
(Logan Temple) "Welcome To The Temple"
(Manti Temple) "Unto The Lord"
(Manti Temple) "Arise"
(Provo Temple) "Ensign"
(Salt Lake City LDS Temple) "Reflected Light"
(Salt Lake Temple Square) "Reverent Visit, Sacred Square"
(Salt Lake Temple) "Holiness"
(Salt Lake Temple) "Living Fountains, Eternal Life"
(St. George Temple) "Peaceful Interlude"
(St. George Temple) "Rain And Light"


(Seattle Temple) "Purified Silver, Treasured Gold, Eternally His"

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